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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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The Easter Egg Tradition

Have you ever wondered why Easter eggs are part of our traditional Easter celebrations? 
Theories vary, but the most common belief is that in Medieval Europe, eggs were a forbidden food during Lent. Eggs gathered during that time period were therefore preserved by boiling them. They were then served on Easter Sunday and were considered a prized gift to children and servants. Orthodox Christians painted eggs bright red to symbolize the blood of Christ. In Armenia, eggs were decorated with pictures of Christ and the Virgin Mary. In Poland and Ukraine, eggs were often painted silver and gold and hidden.
In some traditions, the egg represents re-birth. The hard shell represents Christ’s tomb, the cracking of which represents the resurrection. 
As you color and hide eggs with your children and grandchildren this year, talk to them about what the tradition means. It is a great opportunity to pass on the deeper meanings of our holiday traditions.  Happy Easter and Happy Spring from ShelbyBoomer.com.


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